Frequently Asked Questions - State Preliminary Pageants

How do I enter?
Your first step is to fill out the online application form under the heading ‘Apply Now’ and pay the entry fee in full or the $100 deposit.

What is the entry fee for a state pageant?

Entry Fee for ages 12 and up is $195; fee includes contestants local city / area ribbon sash.  

Entry fee for Pearl Princess Camp is $50

What is the entry fee for a state / regional virtual prelim?

There is no cost to enter a state / regional virtual event.  The state winners will be required to pay the media fee for the national pageant.

Can I make payments?

Absolutely!  For the state pageant you can make payments on your entry fee as long as a payment is made every 30 days.

Payment options include:

-Payment link on this website

-PayPal to  PayPal account is not required; you can use the     PayPal link under the "Apply Now" tab or you may log into PayPal yourself.

-Card payment over the phone by calling the pageant office at (828) 467-5691

-Venmo to @TMCProductions

-CashApp to $TMCProductions

-Mail check to pageant office:  TMC, 117 Atty. John Peterson Rd., Spruce Pine, NC 28777

When do I enter?

We accept entries up to 14 days prior to state pageants; the earlier you register the more time you have to prepare for the state pageant.

What are the age divisions?

Contestant must be the minimum age listed as of August 1st 2022 and cannot go above max age before October 1, 2022:

Jr Miss, Teen, Miss:

Jr Miss - Ages 12 to 14

Teen - Ages 15 to 18, must be single, never married, never given birth to a child

Miss - Ages 19 to 29, must be single but can be divorced, can have children

Ms., Mrs., Ms. Elite, Curvy Ms:

Ms. - Ages 30 to 49, must be single or divorced, can have children (can become married during reign as titleholder)

Mrs. - Ages 20 and Up, must be married, can have children

Ms. Elite - Ages 50 and Up, any marital status

Curvy Ms. - Ages 30 and Up, any marital statue

Princess Divisions:

Tiny Miss - Ages 3 to 5

Little Miss - Ages 6 to 8

Pre-Teen - Ages 9 to 11

What is the residency requirement for a state title?

You must meet one of the following criteria to qualify to represent your state:

-Current or prior resident in the state

-Current or prior employment in the state

-Current or prior student status in the state

-Current or prior property ownership in the state

-Born in the state

-Parent(s) or immediate family currently reside in the state

May I seek a sponsor?

You may seek sponsors or you may pay the entry fee yourself.


If I hold the America's United States State title, can I compete in other pageants?

Yes!  We ask our state titleholders to make appearances and promote her America's United States State title however, we absolutely support our titleholders in competing in other pageants.  America's United States is a pageant system with an amazing team that wants to help prepare you for your next pageant as well as skill building, confidence, and poise.  The world is a very competitive environment and pageantry is a great resource for females to build skills, connections, and bonds that will last a lifetime.  We are here to support you...This is YOUR Journey!  Our winners will compete for their respective National Title at the America's United States National Pageant in August of each year.