Eligibility Requirements & Divisions

Contestant must be minimum age as of August 1st and not go beyond the max age as of October 1st of each year:

Jr Miss, Teen, & Miss:  
Jr Miss - Ages 12 to 14
Teen - Ages 15 to 18, must be single, never married, never given birth to a child
Miss - Ages 19 to 29, must be single but can be divorced, can have children

Ms, Mrs, Ms., Ms. Elite & Curvy Ms.:
Ms. - Ages 30 to 49, must be single or divorced, can have children (can become married during reign)
Mrs. - Ages 20 and Up, must be married, can have children
Ms. Elite - Ages 50 and Up, any marital status
Curvy Ms.:  Ages 30 and Up, any marital status

Tiny Miss - Age 3 to 5
Little Miss - Ages 6 to 8
Pre-Teen - Ages 9 to 11