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Eligibility Requirements & Divisions

AUS offers several divisions with three pageant shows based on divisions as listed below.
Contestant must be minimum age as of July 15th and not go beyond max age before August 15th:

Jr Miss, Teen, & Miss 
Jr Miss - Ages 12 to 14
Teen - Ages 15 to 18:  Must be single, never married, never given birth to a child
Miss - Ages 19 to 29:  Can be single, married, divorced, and can have children (can turn 30 during her reign)

Ms, Mrs, Ms., Ms. Elite & Curvy Ms. 
Ms. - Ages 30 and Up, must be single or divorced, can have children (can become married during reign)
Mrs. - Ages 30 and Up, must be married, can have children
Ms. Elite - Ages 50 and Up, any marital status
Curvy Ms.:  Ages 25 and Up, Size 14 and Up, any marital status

Princess Divisions (age as of July 15th)
Tiny Miss - Age 4 to 5
Little Miss - Ages 6 to 8
Pre-Teen - Ages 9 to 11

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